Gavin Water Sports, Inc.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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Large View

The Motor Compartment

The clear motor lid is offered on the HDPE version. This lid is bonded to its spacer ring, and has both barrel seal and a face seal o-rings. There is no stress anywhere in or on this lid. The connectors are threaded through and have a silicone seal under them. None of the motor lids has ever leaked in 13 years of using this technique, and fittings do not require any servicing. The large fittings have a hex shape to accommodate a wrench for holding them while tightening the nuts on the other side at installation, and the small fittings have a corrugation for the same reason. The relay board is double-sided and through-plated.

Clear motor compartment (top view)
Clear motor compartment (bottom view)

Clear motor compartment lid (new) on HDPE scooter backend

        HDPE bottom section, assembled